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Yellow Pages Spider

“Yellow Pages Spider Software also Known as Yellow Pages Scraper, Yellow Pages Extractor, Yellow Pages Data Extractor, Yellow Pages Email Scraper”.

Yellow Pages Spider
is a very powerful tool that can research the most famous yellow pages directories and can scrape/extractor important data for instance business name, its complete address, website link and contact details including phone number and email address. With our software, you can easily customize your searches and can extract information as per your needs and can enjoy different features of the target site. All you have to do is to enter a category and location in the search bar and then just click search, and when you see the first page of searched items you can click “Get Data” button and wait for wonders to happen for you. Yes, when I say wonders, it means that you will not get data in a row form, you will get data in a well-organized manner that you can easily review and can import to MS Excel or your MYSQL database.

Scrape thousands of business leads with Yellow Pages Spider in following countries:-

http://www.yellowpages.com (United States)
http://www.yellowpages.com.au (Australia)
http://www.yell.com (United Kingdom)
http://www.paginegialle.it  (Italy)
http://www.yellowpages-uae.com (Dubai-United Arab Emirates)
http://www.pai.pt (Portugal)
http://en.detelefoongids.nl/yellow-pages.html (Netherlands)
http://www.goldenpages.ie (Ireland)
http://www.yellowpages.com.sg (Singapore)
http://www.paginasamarillas.info.ec (Ecuador)
http://www.yellow-pages.ph (Philippines)
http://www.yellowpages.co.in (India)
http://en.yell.ru (Russia)
http://www.guiamais.com.br (Brazil)
http://yellow.local.ch/en (Switzerland)
http://www.goldenpages.be (Belgium)
http://www.gelbeseiten.de (Germany)
http://www.pagesjaunes.fr  (France)
http://wwww.yellow.co.nz (New Zealand)
http://www.yellowpages.ca (Canada)
and many more….

yellow pages
Not satisfied and want some more options?? Ok… You will get FREE updates with all the packages that will contain updates of new sites and new features each year. If you will have any queries, it will be addressed within 24 hours duration. We don’t run after competing in the market, our focus is to provide best services to our clients and to work on innovation to provide them with better features.

Please check out this video to learn more about this software.
yellow pages spider tutorial
Do you want to test Yellow Pages Spider?
Download trial and try with all the main features. You can only scrape 30 business results in trial version and  we also disabled any export function.
(User Guide)

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Our software has the following award:yellow pages

Yellow Pages Spider Features
Life Time Warranty | Life Time Support | Free Updates


Yellow Pages Spider

Yellow Pages Spider

 The most powerful and popular scraping tools of its kind! Used by Marketing Companies and Freelancers from all over the world, trusted by major Fortune 5000 companies.

OS Requirements:
Compatible with Windows
XP SP3,Vista, 7, 8, 10+
and Server 2003 or higher


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